Think, Listen, Sing! A Skills-Based Approach to Sight-Singing
Michele Henry & Keitha Lucas Hamann

Real Ensemble Culture Building (Ice Breakers Not Included)
Kari Adams

If I Don’t Scat Sing, How Can I Teach It? Strategies to Help Choir Directors Who are New to the Jazz Idiom Demystify Vocal Improvisation
Justin Binek

The Limitless Tour of Global Choral Music
John Petzet & Frank Eychaner

Creating a Culture of Inclusion: Welcoming Singers with Disabilities
Andrew Voth

Gaming the System: Play-Based Approaches to Teaching Music Literacy
Saleel Menon

Documentary – Choral Singing in America
Matt Workman

Creating the Optimal Sound: Voice Matching for the Large Vocal Jazz Ensemble
John Stafford II

Look at ME!! Strategies to Enhance Artistry in Your Conducting Gesture
Phillip Stockton

Supporting Teachers: Success Strategies for America’s Title I Musicians
Katy Green

Like and Subscribe: Fostering Well-Being Through the Choral Rehearsal
David Howard

Cultural Bridges: Developing International Exchanges
Panel: Jen Sengin, Jeffrey Allen Murdock, Ryan Sullivan, Erin Plisco, John McDonald, Meg Stohlmann, Joshua Haberman