January 13, 2017


Lost in Wonder, Love, and Praise

Bryan Taylor, SWACDA Music and Worship September, 2018

The hottest days of summer are perhaps done in most parts of the SWACDA choral world and many of you have begun your first rehearsals for the fall and full yearlong or most of the year singing pilgrimage. It is always a time when I feel more excited and motivated than any other time of the year. I hope your summer has given you time to relax and renew your soul so that your amazing musical and ministerial gifts can be used to their fullest. I will be inviting a group of you to submit articles for us, sharing your expertise and ideas. If you are interested in helping with that, please let me know. I want to share with you a few anthems and ideas that have worked for my setting at Liberty UMC – both for anthem suggestions, collaboration with colleagues, and choir retreat ideas.

Day Sabbatical: I took a very powerful time of a fill-up this summer with a colleague and friend to collaborate and play the “do you know this piece” game. The anthem and worship ideas that we talked through and suggested gave me months and stacks of planning and literature that I could not have gotten any other way. I challenge you to take a three day focused sabbatica lwith a trusted friend or two and dig deep about repertoire and worship art ideas. Find a quiet and out of the way place, forget the hour, make some good food, and let the planning and fun begin.Anthem that have caught my heart and eye of late include the following:

Anthems that have caught my heart and eye of late include the following:

  1. Acclamation of Assurance - Joseph Martin, SATB, Keyboard and instruments, Shawnee Press 35028917
  2. Agnus Dei - Ola Gjeilo, SATB and organ, Musikk-Husets Forlag H2.MH3233
  3. Leaning on the Everlasting Arms - Arr. Eric Nelson, SATB, flute, cello, and piano- Morningstar Music Publishers MSM-50-8970
  4. O Love - Elaine Hagenberg, SATB and piano, Beckenhorst BP2097
  5. Pilgrim Song - Arr. Ryan Murphy, SATB and piano
  6. Walk with Me, Lord - Arr. Rosephanye Powell, SATB and Organ, Gentry JG2528

Retreat Break-Out Sessions: Art Search: If your church has an art gallery or art in the sanctuary or on the grounds, have folks take 10 or 15 minutes and find a work that appeals to them. Have them talk about that when they gather back.

Video: Worshipful Moments - Show fabulous musical videos that move the soul. Have a short discussion time about this.

A.) Dr. Patrick Alston All Hail the Power of Jesus Name! An amazing video showing passionate playing and congregational singing!
https://www.facebook.com/patrickinmore/videos/10153458205882970/ (Contact Bryan, address below, if this link fails.)

B. Eva Cassidy - Somewhere Over the Rainbow - A touching video of this amazing singer.

You may contact Bryan Taylor HERE