December 26, 2012

“This is What I Have to Offer”


by Mark Lawley, President-Elect, SWACDAlawley

When I was teaching high school – we were at All District choir auditions – and my student Shelby was singing her solo. I noticed Shelby was singing with remarkable freedom and clarity – I could barely keep my eyes on the music not only because she sounded so fantastic – but she also looked like she was in a state of bliss – clearly enjoying what for most is a fretful experience.

As soon as the solo ended – and we got in the hall – I said “Shelby – I HAVE to know what you were thinking in there – I’ve NEVER heard you sing so well – you looked so remarkably relaxed while doing so.”

Shelby sweetly looked at me and said “I just remembered what Mrs. Buboltz (our student teacher) told me. She told me that it wasn’t about beating the competition, it wasn’t about showing off, and it wasn’t about striving. It was just about sharing what I have to offer.”

I was a little stunned – what a simple yet profound concept – “THIS IS WHAT I HAVE TO OFFER”

It’s not an excuse to be lazy or ill prepared. But can you just imagine how HONEST Shelby’s music spoke that day .  .  . sweet music that went straight to the heart.


What a beautiful way to live.



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