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January 19, 2013
Doing it all; a gentle reminder to all church musicians

by Mark Lawley, President-Elect, SWACDA

The secret to 'doing it all' is not necessarily doing it all, but rather discovering which part of the 'all' He has given us to do and doing all of THAT! (Jill Briscoe)

Most clawleyonductors I know could be misdiagnosed as being a bit of a control freak. It makes sense that when one’s vocation requires great attention to detail in the shaping of colors, vocal placement, nuance, word stress, dynamics, articulation, and achieving authentic style that this kind of thinking and care transfers to other parts of their lives.

Sometimes we need a reminder that while we are to complete our calling with all that is within us, we are not called to DO IT ALL! Striving to do it all turns ministry into a show with a flashing marquee bearing our name. Welcome to the ___________________ (insert your name) SHOW!

Let us be gently reminded that while God is calling us to do our part, He may be calling us to empower others to use their giftings in a way that brings community in our choir and in our church. How deep our ministry can go as we develop a team of people doing ALL of what God has called each of them to do!