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Advertising on our "hybrid" website (a combination of a newsletter and a website) is welcome. Advertisers are urged to think in terms of "smaller is better," and to develop an ad that entices a viewer to click to be taken to the advertiser's own site, or to a PDF page supplied by the advertiser that we will gladly upload to our server and to which we will link.

Your ad will appear in two places on the SWACDA site. First, it will appear as one in a rotating series of ads (a slide type of presentation) on our front page. The same ad will appear as a static graphic on an "inside" page on the site. Most often this will be on a page featuring an article by one of our officers or board members. In both locations, the ad will be "clickable" and a link provided to the advertiser's site or PDF.

Your company's graphics people will need to know the dimensions necessary to make all this work.

The ad will be 350 px wide by 170 px in height at 72 dpi. This is roughly the dimensions of a standard business card. It can be sent as a GIF, JPG, TIF, or PDF.

Here is an example:



Advertisers, please contact:

Heather Schenck

All inquires and ad copy
should be sent to Heather.
(Click on her name above.)


You may advertise for one
year on this site for $150. The ad can be changed up to three times during the year at no
extra charge.

Ads may also be run for a period of four months for $50.


An invoice will be sent as an
e-mail attachment upon launch of the ad.

Advertise with a potential audience of choral directors from each of these states